Did you ask?

On one of these cool breezy winter morning in northern India, I was working on an office deadline and I was ‘disturbed’ by a phone call from my best friend. I picked up the phone in disgust and blurted “Hey Babe! I am busy, I will call you later”. Hours later after finishing my work, I called her back and asked how she was doing. But she cut short the conversation adding she was getting late for a party. Normally, I would not have thought about it but I remembered her having severe cold allergies which are usual for her in winters. Well, it seemed odd to me that she was going out so late, when normally she avoids getting out after eight in colder months as a precaution. “No, I am not being melodramatic!” But knowing her for all these years, made me think that I might have created a transient barrier in her mind after cutting her short so abruptly that might have resisted her from opening up now.

This led me to a thought that how many time in life do we actually listen to people? How many time are we available to lend our ears? We always hear to respond as we have been taught everything in life has logic, everything is definable.

Is it? Can you define an empty heart? Is it just a mere absence of someone, absence of love, long nested hatred or having lost the strength to love again! Why is it that being so close to people we can never measure the depth of their pain or love? We meet several people each day, our friends, our family, a stranger who just smiled at us and made our day. They all make our world happier but have you ever thought the pretense they might have to project to hide the storms growing inside them? How many times have you actually had a conversation with your loved one, asking them if they are genuinely happy?

“Oh, well who has the time? They will tell us themselves if they want to.”  But maybe you could have made a difference by ‘asking’. May be you could have stopped a ‘lonely child’ you saw on road from getting lost, if ‘you did ask’, may be you could have prevented a ‘beautiful women’, who was secretly longing to hear that ‘she is beautiful’ from getting into depression if ‘you did ask’, May be you could you have saved a ‘life’ if you picked up an unknown call and ‘did ask’, May be you could have saved a ‘failing marriage’ if you ‘did ask’. May be you could have comforted a ‘dying a soul’, if ‘you did ask.’

Giving someone a reassurance that, “it won’t always feel this bad, somehow it does change, it does get better”, does make things better! Lend your heart to those around you, those who need but won’t tell, you might not do it right, you might not know how but you will surely make a difference.

Your healing word can bring back life to someone, and you never know, you might be the person getting healed!





Published by Ashrita

I am a dentist and a researcher by profession. Writing has always been my passion and I enjoy writing about anything that I see or hear, something that has touched my heart and mostly on something that you can always relate to. I love to travel and explore the unexplored and am a big time foodie. I will sign off now with a note "Keep enjoying life!

13 thoughts on “Did you ask?

  1. It happens evry so often in our lifes..dese dyz evrybdy is so busy dat ppl hardly hv time left..but such nice thoughts do help us in gvng a second thought abt wht wrongs we r doin daily

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  2. This is really good, your thoughts, your message, your presentation. Everyone is running in a never ending rat race and in this they normally ignore the need of stopping for a while and admiring the beauty of relations in our journey of life.

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  3. Thanks a lot Akanksha. Sometimes to win the race of life we all lose the very essence of companionship, being there for each other. These thoughts helps us get a grip of our relationship at right time.

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  4. I can relate to this more then I can express in words! My life could have been entirely different if I did ask when the ball was in my court. We lose life in snap of seconds and realize it much later. Keep writing, you express beautifully!

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  5. Ashrita,
    A beautiful name you have. Your parents must have thought so much before giving this name. I usually check the bloggers those who follow my blog to see what I am going to get from that blogger… And you know what… I quite relate myself with you and your thinking. You started with an example from your own life and presented a thought out of it interpreting beautifully. I actually do the same if you search for my articles. Thank you for following Candles Online.

    We have actually dealt with this particular topic on Candles Online and you said it right that we really need to be quite receptive to create a comfort zone for the person trying to connect with us or needs us… Unless we do that we will lose the opportunity to serve a fellow human, a kinsman, a beloved.

    Hope you could finally get to know your friend’s need on that particular day afterwards… God bless you dear… And yes, I forgot… I would love to have you in my team writing with us together… Let me know what’s your thought about it.

    Regards, CP

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  6. Hi Chiradeep, my pleasure to have connected with you and thanks for following my blog. I quite relate to your thoughts myself! I loved your recent blog ‘labels don’t work’ I was a studious girl, as they label us, throughout my career, and was sidelined as someone who refrain from enjoying life or is an introvert. It was only people who knew me could say I was nothing like it. But that tag remained with me like forever to an extent that I sometime believed it! Guess, it did took me years to come out of it.
    My mother gave me the name that meant ‘protected by God’, she had firm beliefs and taught me to believe in self and all the positive energies of universe.
    Yes, I did went to her home and hearty talk. Guess sometimes self-realisation can save someone’s day.
    I would love to be a part of your team. Thanks a lot. Would love to know more about it. Happy blogging. Take care.

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    1. Enthralled with your response. Today’s writer is my friend Prabhjot. And I have a great with professionals of all kind… I saw your email ID on your bio in gravatar as Drashrita… So are you a doc? I have three male docs in my gang… It will be a third one though female if you are a medical doctor…

      Ashrita means… The one who has taken shelter in God. Ashraya is shelter… Lovely name. If that email ID is in working condition then I will send a detail about how we function.

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