Media, Feminism and Patriarchy…This needs to stop!

I agree with all those who are annoyed that news channels are missing out on the debates on the economy, COVID-19 cases, unemployment and many such emerging issues. But lets not forget this is Indian journalism, even before SSR-case they were for years showing us what ‘Kareena Kapoor’s son Taimur is eating, wearing and excreting! We can’t expect better from them anyway!

I am going to leave discussion on ‘good journalism’ to some other day. But I am disappointed on what has India come to? What are we trying to become? All we see today are blood-thirsty people trying to bring each other down. I am not just talking about politics but in general. This whole SSR-case has become about name calling, feminism and patriarchy. I mean what is wrong with people, why are they voicing with someone who has been charged with an FIR? Where were these people when the Sadhu’s were lynched, wasn’t that a criminal offence? Lets understand feminism and patriarchy are not words to be used to show yourself as liberal or play the victim-card. There are actually a neglected segment of society who badly suffer as a result of this!

What is ‘Feminism’! It simply means believing that women and men are equal and deserve equal rights. If you agree with that, you’re a feminist! Feminism, isn’t about name calling men, playing victim-cards and neither it is about women who get involved with men who have money to use them. In case on Rhea, people need to understand she has a written FIR by the family; false or right, the court will prove! But as per her statement on his mental health, leaving a mentally unstable person alone is an illegal offence in itself, especially when you used him for money. Also, a supreme agency like NCB found evidences against her for drug peddling. So yes, she is charged with criminal offences and like any other man or woman she will have to deal with the legal system. I find nothing wrong in this!

Believing in same kinds of laws for men and women means you have an understanding of what humanity is and you are therefore, a feminist. If Rhea is proven innocent by any chance, then you have all the right to come in support but what you are doing now, is plain hypocrisy! You are showing to world how twisted your mentality is. STOP making it about patriarchy!

Now what exactly is Patriarchy? It is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. There is a large segment of Indian society like some of the tribal groups in South India and Uttar Pradesh where women on regular basis face exploitation-economic, physical and sexual; are deprived of education; are thrown into the cycle of poverty and are neglected by families . Why no one raise voices then? That will not give you publicity?

Now if you look at Rhea’s case and to all the ‘ignorant celebs and public’, they have made this issue about patriarchy. Well, show me where Sushant or his family has the upper hand here? The girl is getting top-notch security by Mumbai police, police officers are opening car doors for her, running after her, one of the senior most journalist is taking her interviews, she is the one name-calling her deceased boyfriend as a ‘drug addict’, mentally ill’ and what not, trying to sabotage his hard-earned image. Again just because she is a woman, she is playing the ‘victim-card’ here and some celebs and so called-liberals have started debate of patriarchy.

And for your information, the real example of patriarchy is what is happening with Kangana Ranaut!

I see a lot journalist writing that “Rhea Chakraborty has been declared guilty by the “9 o’ clock judges, i.e. media, which is ethically wrong”. So are you saying ” Declaring a dead soul as mentally ill and a drug addict” is ethically right? You could have been sued for it, if it wasn’t India and would have to pay a heave price for it!

Since we are talking about ‘words’, lets touch lightly upon ‘Cinema’ and ‘actor’. Cinema is the production of films as an art or industry or a theatre where films are shown for public entertainment. An actor is person whose profession is acting on the stage, in films, or on television. My point is like any other profession; teachers, nurses, managers, they are also just professionals, who earn money for themselves. They are not giving you any money; how many of them came forward during the pandemic crisis? Any charity that they do is to white-wash their image, like Salman Khan did when he had criminal charges on him and he launched ‘being-human’.

If you have little bit of self-respect and dignity left in you, stop treating them like Gods! If you really have to respect a profession, respect your ‘Doctors’, they demand respect!

India and Bollywood would never be the same for me, Bollywood has lost the charm for me and India_I hope we can still save it from ourselves!

Published by Ashrita

I am a dentist and a researcher by profession. Writing has always been my passion and I enjoy writing about anything that I see or hear, something that has touched my heart and mostly on something that you can always relate to. I love to travel and explore the unexplored and am a big time foodie. I will sign off now with a note "Keep enjoying life!

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