The little things

Love is in the little things

Love isn’t about buying…It’s about giving and embracing

Love is in the gestures not the words

Love is the way you hold hands to comfort each other

Love is a random text in the middle of the day, just to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’

Love is cooking together on weekends and holidays

Love is watching Netflix for hours while cuddling

Love is caring for each other when sick

Love is arranging surprises with or without occasions

Love is seeing value in what you do for each other

Love is conveying ‘we are in this together’ every day

Love is putting in consistent efforts, as little as giving morning coffee or that goodbye kiss every day

Love is doing mundane things together

Love is cleaning up without being asked

Love is in random hugs and kisses

Love is the feeling of warmth even when it is cold outside

Love is hoping somethings truly doesn’t change

Love is not in big things but in a million little things❤️

Published by Ashrita

I am a dentist and a researcher by profession. Writing has always been my passion and I enjoy writing about anything that I see or hear, something that has touched my heart and mostly on something that you can always relate to. I love to travel and explore the unexplored and am a big time foodie. I will sign off now with a note "Keep enjoying life!

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