Media, Feminism and Patriarchy…This needs to stop!

I agree with all those who are annoyed that news channels are missing out on the debates on the economy, COVID-19 cases, unemployment and many such emerging issues. But lets not forget this is Indian journalism, even before SSR-case they were for years showing us what ‘Kareena Kapoor’s son Taimur is eating, wearing and excreting!Continue reading “Media, Feminism and Patriarchy…This needs to stop!”

In the time of Quarantine…

News these days is filled with stories of travelers and citizens being sent to quarantine homes. Seems like, ‘Social distancing’ is the new ‘mantra’ and ‘Quarantine’ is the new reality. Though there is widespread appreciation on Government’s efforts across the world to contain the virus but there is criticism on problems faced as a resultContinue reading “In the time of Quarantine…”

The Perfect Marriage

Does happily ever after really exist or is that just some silly phrase out of a fairy tale? The fact is at no point in life can you be perfect at anything, but you can prepare yourself for the adventures of life. And one of life’s biggest challenges is marriage! Marriage is considered to beContinue reading “The Perfect Marriage”

MY WORST DOWNFALL…! — Candles Online

“They say embarrassment has a lot to do with thinking too much, let it go. Nobody cares as much as we think they do!”  For those who know me well, can completely relate if I say, I attract embarrassing situations like a magnet! Whether it’s tripping inside my own room or while climbing up theContinue reading “MY WORST DOWNFALL…! — Candles Online”


Post-International Women’s day 2018, this thought still resonates: “Make voicelessness lose its wicked grasp, get yourself heard!” “She is level-headed and opinionated!” “She is a feminist!” I have to say, when it is needed, I have spoken out loud and talked about my opinion though it has created repercussions both at personal and professional level.Continue reading “STOP BEING A VICTIM AND OWN IT! — Candles Online”